Fire recovery update - roadside hazardous tree removal prioritised in

Published on 28 March 2024

Contractors removing unsafe trees in the Main Lead area.

Pyrenees Shire Council is prioritising public safety by removing hazardous trees along roads impacted by the fire so they can be made safe as soon as possible.

CEO Jim Nolan said that access along some roads would remain restricted until dangerous trees are able to be removed, and the road could be made safe.

About 55km of Council managed roads have been impacted by the fire, with more than 1000 trees assessed, and more than 700 trees earmarked for removal.

Mr Nolan said that specialist contractors have been engaged and work is well underway removing the trees.

“The assessment and removal of damaged trees is a priority for Council – we want to re-open all roads as soon as possible however community safety is our highest priority.”

Mr Nolan said while some trees might look relatively undamaged, they may have lost vital root systems making them unstable and in danger of falling over at any time.

“Qualified arborists are conducting the assessments, and we have several teams of contractors removing dangerous trees at any one time. Council has prioritised this work along the busier roads so they can re-open quickly.”

Mr Nolan said Council has received questions from business and community members regarding whether they are able to drive along fire-impacted roads and roads with “local traffic only” signage.

“Drivers can use fire-impacted roads if they have a specific reason, for example if they are delivering stock feed or carting water to fire-impacted residents,” he said.

Council’s contractor will have 3-4 crews working from Tuesday next week and will prioritise the most dangerous trees along Raglan-Elmhurst Road, with one crew also working on The Glut.

Crews are almost finished the first section of Main Lead Road, with another shorter section to be started shortly. Other crews will be working on side roads in fire-impacted areas at the same time. The community is advised to expect interruptions for traffic over the weeks and months of the work while heavy plant and equipment is used to do the work.

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