Consultants and Surveyors

Building Surveyors

To find a Building Surveyor, visit the Victorian Building Authority's website search for Building Surveyors.

Planning Consultants

To find a Planning Consultant, you can search some Google or the Consultant Directory of the Planning Institute of Australia.

Land Surveyors (Subdivisions)

To find a Land Surveyor, you can find some through Google or the the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria website.

Geotechnical Surveyors (Soil testing/Land Capability Assessments), Environmental Consultants (Native Vegetation Assessment, Land Management Plans), Bushfire Management Consultants, Drafts

To find any of the above consultants, you can find some through Google. 


If you have any further questions or queries in regards to consultants, please contact either the Planning or Building Departments on (03) 5349 1100.