Apply for Septic Tank Permit

Any person wanting to install a new or alter any part of a septic tank or wastewater system requires a permit from Council before any work begins.  Legal penalties apply for work carried out without a permit.  A septic tank or wastewater system is required for all dwellings not serviced by a reticulated sewerage system.  For sewered areas, please contact your local Water Authority for more information.


Applying for a Permit to Alter/Install  a septic tank system

A Permit to Install or Alter must be approved before any work begins.  If you are also building, the permit to install a septic is required before a building permit can be issued.

Please download and fill out the Septic Tank Application Form(PDF, 843KB)   

You will need to supply the following as part of your application:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • A detailed floor plan of the dwelling (if applicable)
  • A Site/Allotment Plan showing the items outlined on the back of the application form
  • Current copy of Title
  • Plans and specifications of the proposed system
  • If an alteration, then also a plan detailing the existing system and dwelling and details of the proposed changed.
  • Pay the required fee to install or alter

There is a list detailing all the things you need to supply with your application on the back of the application form.

You may also be asked to provide a Land Capability Assessment (LCA).


Do I need to have the work inspected?

Yes. The Environmental Health Officer inspects and approves all septic tanks at various stages through the installation process. 

  • A Site Inspection is required before a Permit to Install can be issued;
  • A Progress Inspection is required to during the installation before back-filling so we can see that the Septic tank and the effluent lines are installed correctly;
  • A Final Inspection is required when the system is complete.

Please provide at least 3-4 days' notice to Council’s Environmental Health Officer when planning your installation to ensure a Progress Inspection can be scheduled in whilst the installation is being done before the trenches etc. are filled.

To Book an Site, Progress or Final Inspection please call 1300 PYRENEES (1300 797 363) or Request an Inspection online.


Do I need approval once the system is completed?

Yes.  A ‘Certificate of Approval to Use’ the septic tank system needs to be issued before you can use the system.  This permit also must be issued before a building Certificate of Occupancy can be issued for any related building works. 

Before a Certificate to Use can be issued please make sure you provide:

  • A copy of the Plumbing Industry Certificate;
  • An ‘As Laid’ Site Plan showing the septic system installed;
  • The Manufacturer’s commissioning certificate (if a Treatment Plan was installed);
  • An electrical certificate (if a Pump Well was installed);
  • A signed servicing agreement (if a Treatment Plan was installed);
  • Request a Final Inspection from the Council’s Environmental Health Officer