Cat & Dog Registration

All dogs and cats must be registered with Council once they reach three months of age. Cats MUST be desexed (as well as microchipped) and dogs MUST be microchipped before they will be registered in Pyrenees Shire.

In 2008 Pyrenees Shire introduced a new style of animal registration identification tag (a metal disc) to replace the former plastic tags. The metal discs issued to animals as of April 2008 are intended for the life time of the particular animal. If a disc is lost a replacement disc can be purchased at the Council Office in Beaufort at a cost of $5.

 Complete the cat and dog registration form(PDF, 247KB).

If your pet is already registered, a renewal notice will be posted out to you before your next registration payment falls due. Council Officers conduct periodic inspections throughout the Shire to ensure compliance. Owners who fail to register and microchip their animals risk significant 'On the Spot' Penalties.

Animal Registration Fees - 10 April 2022 to 9 April 2023

Code Description of dog Annual fee
D01 Dog general 1
D02 Farm working dog (primary production) $42
D03 Dog registered with approved association 2 / undergone approved training 3
D04 Dog kept for breeding on registered premises
D05 Dog other (including microchipped)
D06 Declared dangerous dog registration (no pensioner discount)  $250 
D07 Restricted dog registration (no pensioner discount) $250 
D11 Concession - Dog general 1
D12 Concession - Farm working dog


D13 Concession - Dog registered with approved association 2 / andergone approved training 3 $21
D14 Concession - Dog kept for breeding on registered premises $21
D15 Concession - Dog other (including microchipped) $88
Code Description of cat Annual fee
C02 Cat general 1
C03 Cat registered with approved association 3
C04 Cat kept for breeding on registered premises
C05 Cat other $150
C12 Concession - Cat general 1 $21
C13 Concession - Cat registered with approved association 3 $21
C14 Concession - Cat kept for breeding on registered premises $21
C15 Concession - Cat other $75

1 Cat/Dog general - desexed and microchipped or over 10 years old and microchipped.

2 A cat/dog registered with an applicable organisation IF the owner is also a member of the applicable organisation which the cat/dog is registered. Proof of membership for both the animal and the owner are required to be provided annually.

3 A dog that has undergone obedience training that complies with the Regulations as further described on Council's website. If you are unsure if your animal complies, please contact Council's Rangers to discuss further. Proof of completion of this training is required at the time of registration.