Vision, Mission and Objectives


Council's Vision is: 

Sustainable and welcoming places and natural environments that create inclusive, happy and healthy connected communities.

Council's Mission (Enabling Principles) is:

  • Motivate and inspire community involvement
  • Provide transparency and accountability
  • Use resources efficiently and effectively

Strategic Objectives
Council’s Strategic Objectives (Priorities) for 2021 - 2025 are:

1. People
We will:

  • Prepare for emergencies and ensure community safety
  • Support a vibrant community arts, culture and heritage environment
  • Improve accessibility and inclusivity
  • Promote health, wellbeing, engagement and connection
  • Improve social outcomes

2. Place
We will:

  • Sustain and enhance unique character of our communities
  • Enhance the liveability and resilience of our communities
  • Promote responsible development

We will:

  • Continue being an environmentally progressive organisation
  • Foster a climate change resilient community
  • Encourage community care of biodiversity and natural values
  • Improve waste management to reduce landfill and reduce harm to the environment

4. Economy
We will:

  • Support our local businesses and help to strengthen key industries
  • Invest in road infrastructure to improve connectivity for commerce and community
  • Encourage and invest in assets and infrastructure for commerce and community

Council regularly updates the Council Plan, with the latest update adopted by Council in October 2021.

Read the revised Council Plan 2021-2025 here(PDF, 3MB)