Elected by the Councillors, the Mayor takes precedence at all municipal proceedings and speaks for council on policies and important local issues. The Councillors elect the Mayor at a Statutory Meeting held annually in November.

During their term of office the Mayor is the 'first citizen' of the Shire.

Year Shire President Year Shire President
1996/97 Cr Lester Harris 1997/98 Cr Robert Vance
1998/99 Cr Neil Hamer 1999/2000 Cr David Clark (Part)
1999/2000 Cr David Bailey (Part) 2000/01 Cr Lester Harris
2001/02 Cr Robert Vance 2002/03 Cr Richard Goodman


At Council's April 2004 Meeting a decision was made that Pyrenees Shire will now use the title 'Mayor' rather than 'Shire President'.

 Year  Mayor  Year  Mayor
 2003/04  Cr David Clark  2004/05  Cr Lester Harris
 2005/06  Cr Lysette Ashford  2006/07  Cr Gabriel Horvat
 2007/08  Cr Lester Harris  2008/09  Cr Robert Vance
 2009/10  Cr David Clark  2010/11  Cr Michael O'Connor
 2011/12  Cr John Quinn  2012/13  Cr Michael O'Connor
 2013/14   Cr Robert Vance  2014/15
 Cr Tanya Kehoe
 2015/16  Cr Michael O'Connor
 2016/17  Cr Ron Eason
 Cr David Clark
 2018/19  Cr Robert Vance
 2019/20  Cr Tanya Kehoe   2020/21  Cr Damian Ferrari
 2021/22  Cr Ron Eason   2022/23  Cr Ron Eason
 2023/24  Cr Robert Vance