Before an emergency

Before an emergency, the MITIGATION of emergency is a shared responsibility of residents and ratepayers, Council and other agencies, including, but not limited to: CFA, VICSES, various State Government agencies and VicPol.

Be alert; look, listen and smell. 

Be aware of what’s happening around you and its potential impact on your household and others within your community.

Learn about what to expect in an emergency and how this may impact on your household members:

  • Where to find the warning messages and what they mean.
  • Seasonal weather conditions – radiant heat, debris, strong winds, limited visibility, flood.
  • Loss of services – power outage, phone lines.
  • Increased anxiety and stress and feeling out of control that can lead to poor decision making.

Being prepared – having a plan and knowing what to do enables households:

To identify risks and reduce where possible.
  • To make good decisions during an emergency and where you can go.
  • To reduce the disruption and recover back to everyday routines.