Permits to Burn

Permits to Burn

Open Air Burning Permit under General Local Law

Download Application Form for Open Air Burning(PDF, 500KB)


Schedule 13 Permit to Burn

Permits to burn during the Declared Fire Danger Period will be issued shortly to landholders who have made an application to conduct controlled burning within the Shire. Permits are available from 25 March 2019.

These permits are only issued for agricultural purposes to assist farmers in the removal of weeds and stubble.

Farmers are encouraged to prepare their properties prior to applying for a permit. Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for your permit to be processed and properties to be inspected. Stubble burns may be inspected by Victoria Police, the CFA or Council officers.

Council encourages landowners to apply for a Schedule 13 Permit to Burn with this form Permit_to_Burn.pdf(PDF, 600KB) , and lodge with our Municipal Fire Prevention Officer (MFPO). Conditions for Schedule 13 Permits to Burn this year (2019) are the following:

  • Burns will need a THREE METRE earth break, which has been mechanically turned.  It is preferred for burns to have a FIVE METRE break. The MFPO will inspect breaks prior to issuing permits.
  • One stage to permits - Council will now issue open-ended permits as there are no longer stages to permits.
  • A 28 day time limit has been applied to this year's permits. This is to control the amount of burns in any 28 day period. In 2018 some 320 burns took place across the Pyrenees Shire.  
  • The requirements on a burn - THREE fire fighting units with a total capacity of 3600 litres and a minimum of FOUR adults in attendance.
  • Starting times vary across the Pyrenees at this time due to the seasonal conditions and the end of daylight savings approaching. Please contact Council's MFPO for more details on times and conditions. This page will be updated weekly.

Please only submit ONE property per permit form to ensure a timely response to your application as this reduces the administration burden.

Smoke may be visible throughout the Shire.

Lighting a fire without a permit during the Fire Danger Period can result in fines of more than $19,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment.

If you believe a fire is not a controlled burn call 000 immediately.