Community Emergency Planning Toolbox


Taking an all-hazards approach, the toolbox is designed to provide communities with a variety of resources that can be used to build the resilience of households and communities to prepare for, withstand and recover from all types of hazards. They can also support the implementation of their local community action plans, help address local issues relating to emergency readiness, or assist the building of community connections.

The toolbox was developed in collaboration with a group of local community representatives, personnel from regional emergency service agencies and Council officers.  It was funded by Regional Development Victoria through the Resilient Community Program (Round 1), in response to issues relating to household emergency preparedness during fire events in the Pyrenees Shire.

These resources are available at the Beaufort Community Resource Centre and Avoca Information Centre.

Emergency_Need_to_Leave_Bag.pdf(PDF, 351KB)

My_Household_Emergency_Plan.pdf(PDF, 493KB)

Sharing_Numbers_with_your_Neighbours_Postcard.pdf(PDF, 733KB)

Understanding_the_Warnings_-_All_Hazards_Approach_to_Preparing_for_Emergencies.pdf(PDF, 317KB)

Town_Emergency_Help_Signage.pdf(PDF, 519KB)

Community_Group_Welcoming_Health_Check_Final.pdf(PDF, 397KB)

Community_Special_Interest_Workshops.pdf(PDF, 379KB)