COVID-19 vaccination information

Council is encouraging all residents to get a COVID-19 vaccination or get their booster. 

COVID-19 and flu vaccines are available at your local pharmacy or GP. It is safe and effective to take them both at the same time.


If it has been more than six months since your last booster dose or since your last COVID infection, you are able to get a booster dose.

Immunity lowers over time, so your protection against the virus may be low. You can recharge your immunity with a booster dose.

If you are eligible and aged 12 years and older, you can choose the bivalent vaccine as your booster, which targets both the original COVID-19 strain and the omicron variant. Bivalent vaccines are preferred for booster doses.

Boosters are free for all Victorians. You can get them from your local pharmacy or GP.


You can book your vaccine appointment:  

  • Speaking to your GP
  • Speaking to your pharmacist

The Victorian Government's vaccination information hub has valuable information on COVID-19 vaccinations.  

Here is a short video on how the COVID-19 vaccine went through the approval process. This video was produced by the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre

The Victorian Council of Social Service has produced this video encouraging vaccination called Back To The Good Things.