Free public Wi-Fi locations

Twenty NBN Satellite internet connections have now been installed at halls and recreation reserves across the shire, giving free Wi-Fi access for the public all-year round and improving telecommunications during emergency events.

The final installation in the STAND (short for Strengthen Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters) program was completed at Barkly Hall in August 2022.

The Federal Government Program was developed following the 2019 bushfire season and all 20 buildings nominated by the Pyrenees Shire Council were successful.

The installations were overseen and supported by Council’s ICT (Information and Communications Technology) staff, with users now benefiting from internet connectivity with better speeds than Telstra 4G when they are within 50 metres of the installation.

The 20 halls and recreation reserves listed below offer speeds comparable to the fixed line NBN Fibre To The Node (FTTN), but do it over satellite.

Please note that the speeds above are only achieved when 1 person is connected, and will be shared amongst multiple users.


Note: To connect to the free Wi-Fi, join the “Community Wi-Fi” network, and accept the Terms & ConditionsInstructions are provided in a prominent place at each site.


Community NBN Satellite internet connection locations:

Amphitheatre Recreation Reserve

9 School Street, Amphitheatre

Avoca Recreation Reserve

55 Faraday Street, Avoca

Barkly Hall

1314 Redbank-Barkly Road, Barkly

Brewster Hall

349 Kayleys Lane, Brewster

Carngham Recreation Reserve

73 Chepstowe-Snake Valley Road, Snake Valley

Carranballac Hall

6667 Glenelg Highway, Carranballac

Crowlands Hall

49 Wright St, Crowlands

Evansford Community Centre

17 School Road, Evansford

Goldfields Recreation Reserve

39 Park Road, Beaufort

Lake Goldsmith Hall

4 Cushing Road, Lake Goldsmith

Landsborough Recreation Reserve

10 Forestry Road, Landsborough

Lexton Hall

19 Lexton-Ararat Road, Lexton

Lexton Recreation Reserve

1 Prince Street, Lexton

Moonambel Recreation Reserve

6190 Stawell-Avoca Road, Moonambel

Natte Yallock Recreation Reserve

26 Reserve Road, Natte Yallock

Raglan Hall

4 Codrington St, Raglan

Redbank Hall

57 Navarre Street, Redbank

Snake Valley Hall

875 Linton-Carngham Road, Snake Valley

Trawalla Hall

119 Rodgers Drive, Trawalla

Waubra Recreation Reserve

2066 Sunraysia Highway, Waubra