Apply for a Building Permit

Choose a Building Surveyor

You can obtain a Building Permit by engaging the services of a private Building Surveyor of your choice.  You can find a building surveyor through the Victorian Building Authority website.


Commence Building

Your Registered Builder can commence work once the permit is issued and it is their responsibility to build in accordance with the Building Permit and approved plans. Any variation to the approved plans must be submitted to the Building Surveyor for approval.  


Mandatory Inspections

Inspections must be carried out by Council's Building Surveyor (or your Private Building Surveyor) at different stages of construction.

You should not continue any further works until each relevant inspection has been approved by the Building Surveyor.


Common inspections required are: 

  • Foundation and Footing
  • Reinforcement
  • Frame Inspection
  • Final Inspection and Occupancy Permits


The exact type of inspections required for your specific project will depend on what is to be constructed and will be listed on your building permit. 


Ready for a Final Inspection?

Before an Occupancy Permit can be issued you may be required to submit various trade certifications for work such as Plumbing, Electrical, Glazing, Insulation, and Emergency Lighting.  If a Septic tank permit was also required then your Certificate of Approval to Use must be issued prior to an Occupancy Permit being issued.