Wind Farms

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm Planning Process

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm Pty Ltd (the proponent) has lodged three planning permit applications relating to the wind farm, including an amendment to the wind farm’s existing permit, an associated quarry and an application related to power line construction. 

The Minister for Planning is the responsible authority for each of these permit applications, which were placed on public exhibition for four weeks during October in line with requirements of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

The Minister has referred submissions received to an Independent Planning Panel, which held a directions hearing on Wednesday 9 November 2016.  At this directions hearing, the panel agreed to defer its main hearings on the proposal to February 2017.  After these public hearings, the panel will make its recommendations to the Minister for Planning who will decide on the applications.

Council has made a submission to the independent planning panel, which you can read here(PDF, 569KB) .


Existing Wind Farm Permits

There are a number of major wind farm projects with current planning permits in the Pyrenees Shire.

Council has an adopted policy approach for considering the potential impacts on new dwellings which require a planning permit and are located within 2km of an approved wind turbine. A copy of this policy and application requirements can be found here:

Information about building near wind farms(PDF, 65KB)

If you are considering buying or developing a lot close to an approved wind farm it is recommended that you arrange a time to discuss your proposal with the Council planner.

Please note that the Minister for Planning is responsible for considering and endorsing all plans and required noise assessments associated with larger wind farm projects.    

Copies of permits and supporting information for currently approved wind farms within the Shire can be found here:

Noise Assessment(PDF, 704KB)
Ministers Decision (PDF, 1MB)
Planning Permit (PDF, 271KB)
Panel Report (PDF, 206KB)

Development Envelopes Aerial Photography(PDF, 5MB)
Indicative Turbine Layout(PDF, 2MB)
Investigation Area & Local Features(PDF, 5MB)
Planning Permit (PDF, 432KB)

Stockyard Hill
Amended Approved Turbine Layout(PDF, 2MB)
Planning Permit(PDF, 406KB)
Panel Report(PDF, 4MB)

Planning Permit(PDF, 1MB)
Site Layout(PDF, 3MB)

Please Note:
The plans for the various wind farm projects displayed on this page are based on the most recent information made available to Council, and may not necessarily indicate the final siting positions of the wind turbines and associated infrastructure. In most cases the planning permit conditions associated with these developments require final plans of the turbine siting and the layout of associated infrastructure to be provided and approved to the satisfaction of the State Minister for Planning. Once finalised, it is expected that details of these plans will be made publicly available by the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure. (DTPLI)