Recovery Centres


Recovery Centres are set up by Councils following a significant emergency within their local government area to coordinate services to the affected community.

The centres are established when the demand for information and recovery services exceeds the capacity of council reception staff and the recovery team to manage.  Council has responsibility for selecting and managing the facility.

If required, a Recovery Centre/s will be opened as soon as possible after the event and aim to be:

  • A one-stop shop from which information and support can be provided to affected people after an emergency has passed.
  • Located as close to an impacted area as possible, although this might change according to the impact of the event (eg. in the event of a widespread flood, it’s likely to be at a location that can be readily accessed.
  • Operating over many months, once again, depending on the severity of the impact and the needs of the affected community.
  • An information service for the affected community members about Council functions (clean-up, community infrastructure, environmental health, buildings and planning etc) as well as what community recovery activities are currently available.
  • Able to log requests for assistance and manage the data collected in the centre.


Services Available at a Recovery Centre

Typical services provided at a centre include:

  • Department of Health & Human Services (Victoria) – Emergency and hardship grants.
  • COMDHS (Centrelink) - Support services for emergency affected persons in crisis and financial grants in exceptional circumstances.
  • Community Health Centre/s - Personal Support, psychological first aid; and temporary accommodation in some cases.
  • Pyrenees Council - information and community services.
  • Salvation Army/material aid agency.

 Additional attending agencies may also be in attendance including:

  • Food Pantry
  • Rural Finance Advisor
  • DELWP – Small Business Support
  • Insurance Advisor
  • DEDJTR – information on public land fence lines, farm advice and support
  • Communications Advisor