Apply for a permit - General Local Law 2019

Pyrenees Shire General Local Law 2019 commenced on 7 March 2019.

Certain activities within the Shire on Private Land and in Public Places require a permit. 


 Apply for a Permit - General Local Law 2019 

 Part 3 - Environmental Amenity and Property

 3.3 Camping 
 Apply for a permit to Camp in a Public Place or on Private Land
 Download Application Form(PDF, 450KB)

 3.4 Temporary Dwelling
 Apply for a permit to occupy a Temporary Dwelling for a period of time on Private Land
 Download Application Form(PDF, 408KB)  

 3.5 Shipping Container
 Apply for a permit to place a Shipping Container on Private Land
 Download Application Form(PDF, 877KB)  

 3.7 Open Air Burning
 Apply for a permit for Open Air Burning
 Download Application Form(PDF, 389KB)

 3.13 Emergency Water/Standpipes
 Apply for a permit for Emergency Water
 Download Application Form(PDF, 422KB)

 3.14 Storage of Vehicles
 Apply for a permit to store more than one unregistered vehicle on Private Land
 Download Application Form(PDF, 419KB)  

 Part 4 - Animals

 4.1 Animal Keeping
 Apply for a permit to extra animals on Private Land
 Download Application Form(PDF, 396KB)  

 4.3 Droving of Livestock
4.4 Roadside Grazing
 Apply for a permit to drove livestock or a permit to graze livestock on a roadside
 Download Application Form(PDF, 415KB)  

 4.7 Horse Riding
 Apply for a permit to ride or lead a horse on a footpath or nature strip
 Download Application Form(PDF, 275KB)

 Part 6 - Community Safety and Public Places

 6.1 Consumption of Alcohol
 Apply for a permit to allow consumption of alcohol in a Public Place
 Download Application Form(PDF, 491KB)

 6.3 Street Parties, Festivals, Events and Commercial Activities
 Apply for an Event permit

 6.4 Entertainment, Busking and Promotion
 6.5 Collections and Fundraising
 Apply for a permit to perform, busk, deliver public address or spruik or a permit to allow collection and fundraising in a Public Place 
Download Application Form(PDF, 747KB)

 6.6 Display and Sale of Goods
 6.8 Outdoor Dining Facilities
 6.9 Advertising Signs
 Apply for a permit to display and sell goods, outdoor dining, or place an advertising sign on a footpath, road or a Public Place
 Download Application Form(PDF, 1MB)

 6.7 Roadside and Itinerant Trading
 Apply for a permit to undertake roadside or itinerant trading activities
 Download Application Form(PDF, 757KB)

 6.13 Charity Collection Bins
 Apply for a permit to place a charity collection bin in a Public Place
 Download Application Form(PDF, 734KB)

 6.15 Recreation Vehicles in a Public Place
 Apply for a permit to use a recreational vehicle in a Public Place
 Download Application Form(PDF, 735KB)

 Part 7 - Management of Streets and Roads
 7.2 Vehicle Crossovers
 7.10 Cattle Grids

 Apply for a Road Excavation Permit through Council's Engineering Department

 7.4 Development of Nature Strips and Road Reserves
 Apply for a permit to develop, alter, cultivate or landscape a nature strip or road reserve. 
 Download Application Form(PDF, 753KB)

 7.5 Heavy Vehicles 
 Apply for a permit to keep or store a heavy vehicle. 
 Download Application Form(PDF, 781KB)

 7.7 Occupation of Roads, Footpaths and Council Land 
 Apply for occupy, fence off, erect hoarding, use plant or equipment or place equipment or container on any road, footpath or Council Land.  
 Download Application Form(PDF, 442KB)

 7.11 Collecting Firewood on Roadsides 
 Please contact Council's Community Safety & Amenity Officer to enquire on 1300 797 363.


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