Council Meetings

Council meets at 6:00pm on the third Tuesday of each month (with the exception of June and December which will be held on the second Tuesday).  

Details of Council meeting dates and times are published in the Pyrenees Advocate and Maryborough Advertiser Noticeboard at least one week prior to the meeting.

It is Council election year this year (2020) so no Ordinary meeting will be held in October.

 2020 Meeting Dates 
Tuesday, 21 January - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 18 February - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 17 March - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 21 April - Avoca Town Hall Supper Room, 92 Rutherford St, Avoca
Tuesday, 19 May - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 9 June - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 21 July - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 18 August - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 15 September - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 27 October - Special Meeting and Statutory Meeting, Lexton Community Centre, Lexton
Tuesday, 10 November - Avoca Town Hall, 92 Rutherford St, Avoca  
Tuesday, 8 December - Council Chamber, Beaufort


Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Please Note: Minutes of the most recent Council Meeting are not confirmed as true and correct until ratified at the following Council Meeting.

Minutes of Council meetings are available for inspection at the Beaufort Shire Office or may be downloaded using the links below. Members of the public are invited to attend all open sessions of Council.

Meeting Date  Meeting Type  Agenda Minutes
08/12/2020 Ordinary    
10/11/2020 Ordinary    
27/10/2020 Special / Statutory    
15/09/2020 Ordinary    
18/08/2020  Ordinary    
21/07/2020 Ordinary    
09/06/2020 Ordinary    
19/05/2020 Ordinary    
21/04/2020 Ordinary    
17/03/2020  Ordinary  Download(PDF, 14MB)  Download(PDF, 2MB)
18/02/2020 Ordinary  Download(PDF, 17MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
21/01/2020  Ordinary  Download(PDF, 12MB)  Download(PDF, 2MB)
10/12/2019 Ordinary  Download(PDF, 25MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
12/11/2019 Ordinary  Download(PDF, 13MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
29/10/2019  Special / Statutory  Download(PDF, 625KB)  Download(PDF, 711KB)
15/10/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 6MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
17/09/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 10MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
20/08/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 13MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
16/07/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 15MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
25/06/2019  Special   Download(PDF, 7MB)  Download(PDF, 686KB)
11/06/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 21MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
21/05/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 28MB)  Download(PDF, 2MB)
14/05/2019  Special   Download(PDF, 6MB)  Download(PDF, 652KB)
16/04/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 20MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
19/03/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 12MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)
19/02/2019  Ordinary   Download(PDF, 2MB)  Download(PDF, 1MB)

All agendas and minutes for meetings held prior to those listed are available on request (please note a cost may be charged). Please call Council on 1300 797 363.