Council Meetings

Special Meeting of Council

Notice is hereby given that a Special Meeting of Council will be held on Tuesday 13 April 2021 commencing at 6.00pm at the Avoca Information Centre (RTC room), 122 High Street, Avoca for the purpose of considering a land purchase in Avoca.

This meeting will be closed to the public due to the confidential nature of the item being considered. 

Jim Nolan
Chief Executive Officer

Current Status

With the current Coronavirus emergency situation, members of the public are not able to attend in the gallery at council meetings until future notice. 

Members of the public can still ask questions as part of Public Participation.  Questions can be submitted online and will be read by the Chairperson during Public Participation.  For more information on how to submit questions visit here.     

Future Council Meetings will be streamed live, recorded and published online to meet the requirements of social distancing.  The public is able to view the livestreams via our website at

You can find Council meeting agendas and minutes here.


Meeting Dates

Council generally meets at 6pm on the third Tuesday of each month (with the exception of June and December which will be held on the second Tuesday).  

Details of Council meeting dates and times are published in the Pyrenees Advocate and Maryborough Advertiser Noticeboard at least one week prior to the meeting.

All meetings are livestreamed.

 2021 Meeting Dates 
Tuesday, 19 January - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 16 February - Virtually and Live Streamed
Tuesday, 16 March - Council Chamber, Beaufort
 Tuesday, 13 April - Special Meeting of Council, Avoca
Tuesday, 20 April - Avoca Town Hall Supper Room, 92 Rutherford St, Avoca
Tuesday, 18 May - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 15 June - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 20 July - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 17 August - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 21 September - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 19 October - Council Chamber, Beaufort
Tuesday, 9 November - Statutory Meeting, Lexton Community Centre
Tuesday, 16 November - Avoca Town Hall Supper Room, 92 Rutherford St, Avoca 
Tuesday, 14 December - Council Chamber, Beaufort


Meeting Procedure

View Council's Governance Rules (adopted by Council 18 August 2020) - (PDF, 1MB)Click Here(PDF, 1MB)