How the Bushfire Recovery Planning Program works

The planning permit application process for a bushfire-affected property is different from a standard application.

The Bushfire Recovery Planning Program (BRPP) is designed to help you navigate this process with the support of an independent planning consultant.

Registration and initial contact

You will need to contact Council to let us know you’re interested in rebuilding after the fires.

Register your interest in the BRPP online, by phone 1300 797 363, or in person at Council’s Beaufort office – 5 Lawrence Street.

Pre-consultation and review

A council planner will review your registration and contact you to discuss your property and specific needs.

Your details will then be passed on to our BRPP consultant, who will arrange a meeting with you. The consultant will work with you to develop a plan, including the level of support needed.

Guidance and help

The BRPP consulted will do a thorough review of your property details and arrange a second appointment with you.

This is where the planning permit application and rebuilding process will be discussed as well as any additional expertise required (such as planning, building, and environmental health) and develop a plan to progress your rebuild.

If you decide to proceed, the BRPP consultant can offer guidance and, if needed, help with progressing your planning permit application to submission.

Consideration and ongoing support

Following the submission of your application to Council, the planning team will assess your application within statutory timeframes.
A building permit may be needed before construction. You will need to contract a private building surveyor, either directly or through your builder. We can supply you with a list of local building surveyors.

The BRPP consultant will keep contact with you and Council’s planning team throughout the permit process, giving updates and help as needed.