Planning Scheme Review

Planning Scheme Review

As part of its planning role, Pyrenees Shire Council conducts strategic planning work to review how land is used (including zones and overlays that apply to land) and planning policies that apply to land.  These policies are all part of the Pyrenees Planning Scheme, a statutory document that regulates land use and development across the shire through:

  • Land Zoning: All land in the shire is zoned, which affects how it may be used and developed
  • Some land is also affected by overlay controls which seek to address specific issues such as environmental constraints or heritage.

The Pyrenees Planning Scheme also contains a range of local policies which outline the Council’s vision for planning and development of the shire, and strategies as to how preferred outcomes should be achieved.

A copy of the current Planning Scheme policies, zone/overlay controls and mapping ordinance can be viewed free of charge at: Pyrenees Planning Scheme

Since the introduction of the Pyrenees Planning Scheme in 1998, Council has had a number of changes to the planning scheme approved by the Minister for Planning.  You can view these planning scheme amendments here by searching for Pyrenees.

It is a requirement of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 that each Planning Authority across Victoria must review its Planning Scheme every four years. This review must include an audit of the scheme, its content as well as its overall effectiveness.

The Pyrenees Planning Scheme’s last review was completed in January 2015.  You can download a copy of the review below:

Planning Scheme Review January 2015(PDF, 214KB)

For more information, please contact the Planning Department at the Beaufort Office by telephoning (03) 5349 1100.