Family and Child Health and Immunisation Services

  • Pyrenees Shire Council provides a free Family and Child Health and Immunisation service for families with children aged from birth to 4 years
  • Immunisations are completed by appointment at 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 4 years of age. Seasonal Influenza vaccine is also offered to children from 6 months-5 years of age for free.
  • The service is staffed by Registered Nurses with General, Midwifery and Post graduate Maternal and Child Health Training. Your hospital Midwife will notify us of your baby’s birth. One of the Maternal and Child health Nurses will then contact you to arrange a home visit.
  • The Family and Child Health Service helps coordinate and support New Parent Group and Supported Playgroups across the Shire.


Key age and stage visits

  • At each visit the Nurse will check your child’s growth and development including fine and gross motor skills, hearing, vision, and speech. At each appointment you can talk about your concerns or ask questions about your child and parenting experience.
  • Our service can provide you with information about parenting and children including infant feeding and nutrition, sleep and settling strategies, child behaviour and development, family health and well-being and support for the emotional well-being of new parents.

More information on each of these visits is available at

First home visit
Two-week visit
Four-week visit
Eight-week visit
Four-month visit
Eight-month visit
Twelve-month visit
Eighteen-month visit
Two-year visit
Three-and-a-half-year visit


Family and Child Health appointments

To make a Family and Child Health appointment please call:

  • Muffy: 0408 540 483
  • Sally: 0417 920 480
  • Pyrenees Shire Council: 1300 797 363


Day Locations and Times

Day Location

Mondays 8.30-5.00pm

Beaufort Early Childhood Centre- 13 Park Road, Beaufort 3373

Enhanced Home Visits by appointment

1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month

Snake Valley Hall - Linton Carngham Rd, Snake Valley 3351

4th Tuesday of each month

Lexton Community Centre - 1 Goldsmith Street, Lexton 3352

Wednesdays 9.00am - 5.00pm

Avoca Children's Centre - 22 Liebig Street, Avoca 3467

Thursdays 8.30am - 5.00pm

Enhanced Home Visits - by appointment


Safety First - Attending your appointment

  • Family and Child Health and Immunisation Services operate under a COVID Safe plan and protective measures remain in place to keep our community and staff healthy and safe.
  • Please do not attend your appointment if you or someone in your household is unwell. Please delay and reschedule your appointment.


Your Child Health Record

  • Always take it with you when you visit your nurse, doctor or other health services, and get health professionals to complete entries after each visit. It should also be used to record immunisations.
  • Each time you see your maternal and child health nurse jot down any issues or concerns and fill out the sections on your child's growth and development. If you keep it up to date, it will become an important family record from birth to adolescence.
  • If you don't have a 'green book', let your nurse know.


After Hours Support and Important Links