Other grants

Many grants are available from the state and federal governments, benevolent organisations, trusts and corporations. 

To get information about grant opportunities, make sure your group is registered and keeps their contact details up to date in Pyrenees Council’s Community Directory to get direct emails on funding opportunities. Update or add your group to the directory on our website.  

Community Customer Grants

Bank Australia will provide grants of up to $20,000 to support projects that will have a positive impact in the following priority areas:

  • Climate change
  • Nature and biodiversity
  • Affordable and accessible housing
  • First Nations recognition and respect
  • Refugees and people seeking asylum
  • Just and fair economy
  • Universal access to education
  • Family violence
  • Animal welfare
  • LGBTIQ+ inclusion
  • Gender equality
  • Disability inclusion

Applicant organisations must be a Bank Australia customer and have held a Bank Australia product for at least 1 year at 30 June 2024.

Applications close on April 11, 2024. More information can be found at Community Customer Grants (bankaust.com.au).

Ararat Windfarms Sustainable Community Fund

This fund provides financial support to promote social and environmental sustainability initiatives for the benefit of the communities within the municipalities of Ararat, Northern Grampians and the Pyrenees.

The fund aims to provide opportunities for community organisations to develop projects, improve health and wellbeing, strengthen community connection and encourage creativity.

Applications will be processed through Ararat Rural City Council (03 5355 0200) and will close on Sunday 21 April, 2024. More information is available at Ararat Windfarm Grants | Ararat.

Community Impact Grants

The Community Impact Grant program is an annual grants program delivered by the Ballarat Foundation in a bid to break the cycle of disadvantage within the Ballarat and surrounding areas.

Applications will need to focus on one of the foundations priority areas:

  • Food Security
  • Young People
  • Mental Wellbeing

The grant has two funding tiers: 5 grants of up to $15,000 are available annually (Tier 1) as well as an application process with fewer requirements for up to $3000 (Tier 2).

Applications close on April 26, 2024. More information can be found at The Ballarat Foundation - How to Apply.

Victorian Schools Garden Program

This Grants program is designed to provide funding to schools to establish new gardens or repair existing garden in their schools. All schools are encouraged to consider their grounds and outdoor learning as an important part of their student’s education.

Applications for up to $1000 close on April 26, 2024. More information can be found at Grants (vsgp.org.au).

Play Our Way program

This Grant Opportunity aims to address the barriers women and girls face when participating in sport and physical activity by delivering quality facilities and sport participation experiences where the need is greatest, and in a manner that is safe, equitable, accessible, inclusive, sustainable and enduring.

This program offers funding in two streams: Facilities, and Participation & Equipment. Companies, indigenous corporations, incorporated and unincorporated associations are able to apply.

Applications close on April 29, 2024. More information can be found at Play Our Way program | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Local Sporting Champions

Local Sporting Champions (LSC) is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance, up to $850, for coaches, officials and competitors aged 12-18 who are participating in state, national or international competitions.

Junior sportspeople, and their families, can find it difficult to meet ongoing costs associated with participating in state, national and international sporting championships. The LSC program aims to support these junior sportspeople to participate at various sporting championships, which they may not be able to without this financial assistance.

Applications for this round close on April 30, 2024. More information can be found at https://www.sportaus.gov.au/grants_and_funding/local_sporting_champions.

NAB Foundation Community Grants

The NAB Foundation Community Grants program provides funding of up to $25,000 for local projects that help communities withstand and recover from natural disasters.

The program can fund community-led projects that focus on:

  • Training and planning: Educational workshops, practical and strategic planning that help communities prepare for a natural disaster.
  • Community recovery: Programs to enhance community connection, resilience and wellbeing post natural disaster.
  • Environment and wildlife: Restoration of damaged vegetation and habitat, and rehabilitation of injured wildlife.
  • Equipment and infrastructure: Tools, equipment and infrastructure improvements that help communities withstand natural disasters or recover in their aftermath.

Applications close on 30 April, 2024. More information can be found at Community Grants | NAB Foundation - NAB

Permafund Grants

Permafund grants are available for amounts up to $2,000 to community based organisations in Australia or overseas to support their work restoring and improving the natural environment and building sustainable communities.

The natural environment and concern for it can include:

  • significant natural areas such as rainforests 
  • wildlife and their habitats 
  • issues affecting the environment such as air and water quality, waste minimisation, soil conservation, and biodiversity 
  • promotion of ecologically sustainable development principles.

Applications close April 30, 2024. More information can be found at Permafund - Permaculture Australia.

In a Good Place program

The 'In a Good Place' program gives small remote, rural and regional communities the opportunity to deliver community-driven projects, services, activities or initiatives, which focus on strengthening mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable community members. Project focuses can include reducing social isolation by increasing social participation and connectedness, and reducing stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging open discussion and supporting self-help-seeking.

Grants of up to $20,000 are available for projects that have strong community support.

Applications open on 9 April and close on 30 April, 2024. More information can be found at In a Good Place (IAGP) | FRRR.

Qantas Regional Grants

The Qantas Regional Grants program offers marketing support, flights and cash grants for projects that benefit Australia's regional areas. Not-for profit, unincorporated groups and individuals are eligible to apply.

Applications close on 10 May, 2024. More information can be found at https://www.fundingcentre.com.au/grant/G09149/guidelines.

Emergency Sporting Equipment Grant Program

Sport and Recreation Victoria provides assistance to grassroots sport and active recreation clubs and organisations to replace or repair essential sporting and first aid equipment that has been lost or destroyed as a consequence of fire, flood, significant storms, theft or criminal damage.

Applications close on 31 May, 2024. More information can be found at Emergency Sporting Equipment Grant Program - Sport and Recreation Victoria.

Heywire Youth Innovation Grants

Not-for-profit community-based organisations in rural Australia can apply to adopt and act on one of six project ideas. Projects that can demonstrate local youth engagement, consultation and/or involvement in the design and delivery of the project will receive preference. The designated issues impacting young Australians are:

  • Boredom Relief - How might we create safe spaces for youth?
  • Easy Access - How might we empower regional young people to take charge of their mental health and support their mates?
  • Homegrown Hub - How might we reduce cost of food relief in communities across Australia?
  • Idea 4 Change - How might we provide resources to ensure young people are supported and engaged in their education with their diverse learning needs catered for?
  • Hear Our Voices - How might we ensure that all youth voices are heard and represented on issues that matter to them?
  • We Are Not Along - How might we create a better future for all young people living with a disability to feel understood, accepted and supported in their communities?

Applications close on 29 May, 2024. More information can be found at Heywire Youth Innovation Grants - The Funding Centre

Violet Vines Marshman Centre for Rural Health Research Partnership Funding

This fund supports short-term projects that directly improve the health and wellbeing of people living in rural locations. Funding is available to organisations, community groups or entities including, but not limited to, health and social services, councils, schools, maternal and child health centres and other community groups. Up to $50,000 is available for projects to be delivered over a maximum period of two years.

Applicants are required to commit matching funding to the project. In-kind contributions will be considered on a case-by-case basis providing an appropriate rationale for no cash contribution is provided.

Applications close 31st May, 2024. More information can be found at Violet Vines Marshman Centre for Rural Health Research Partnership Funding Stream (latrobe.edu.au.

Strengthening Rural Communities - Prepare and Recover Program

The SRC - Prepare & Recover program supports communities in remote, rural and regional communities to implement initiatives that prevent and prepare for future climate related impacts, or recover from existing disasters in the medium to long-term. 

Grants up to $25,000 are available for a broad range of initiatives to strengthen the capacity and capability of local people, organisations, networks, and systems that help communities to be informed, skilled, connected and resourced for the future.

*This grant will support communities impacted by the 2022 flood events, future grant rounds will support communities impacted by the 2024 bushfires.*

Applications close 5 June, 2024. More information can be found at Strengthening Rural Communities – Prepare & Recover | FRRR

Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program

The Saluting Their Service (STS) Commemorative Grants Program is designed to commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations, and their families. The program funds ready to commence projects that provide funding for projects and activities that: 

  • Promote appreciation and understanding of the experiences of service and the roles that those who serve have played.
  • Preserve or provide access to information about Australia’s wartime heritage. 

Grants to a maximum of $10,000 are available for community-based commemorative projects and activities. 

Some examples of CG projects and activities include development of an Honour Roll, restoration of an existing local War Memorial, supply and installation of a cabinet to display military memorabilia, installation of flagpoles. 

Batch 1 of applications closes 20 June, 2024. More information can be found at Saluting Their Service (STS) Commemorative Grants Program | Department of Veterans' Affairs (dva.gov.au).

Honda Foundation Grants

The Honda Foundation provides financial assistance to charities and organisations doing amazing work across a range of social and environmental issues. These include:

  • Supporting the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from illness
  • Relief for victims of natural disasters
  • Promotion of innovation and new technologies

Applications for this round close on 5 July, 2024. More information can be found at Honda Foundation Grants - The Funding Centre.


Sporting and recreational grants

Sport Central grants

Arts funding

Creative Victoria grants

Community health and wellbeing

Health promotion and sports funding in Victoria with VicHealth

Local history

Local History Grants Program with the Public Records Office

Federal government grants


State government grants

Victorian Government grants program

Support for Business grants

Business Victoria grant search

National grants register: 'Our Community' Funding Centre

The 'Our Community' Funding Centre offers a range of information about grants and fundraising opportunities in Australia. It’s a subscription-based service that offers subscribers a monthly newsletter with a comprehensive list of all government, philanthropic and corporate grants available in Australia. 

Local grants 

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm invests in programs and initiatives that benefit the local community, or local community groups who run activities that build sustainable communities. Applications are reviewed biannually, in April and October.

Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Community Bank branches give up to 80% of profits back to community through grants. They support programs that empower local individuals and groups. Avoca Community Bank and Beaufort Community Bank award grants in the Pyrenees Shire. 

Other grants 

Check back for more information on other grants available in the area as we get the information.