Keeping your pets safe during COVID-19


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Pyrenees Shire Council’s officers will continue working hard to ensure that lost and wandering pets are returned to their owners.

It is Council’s practice to take wandering pets, whose owners can not be identified or contacted, to the Ballarat Animal Shelter.

What has changed?

Due to the current social distancing rules, the City of Ballarat Council, who operate the Ballarat Animal Shelter have implemented the following access restrictions to the facility:

  • Only open to the public by appointment (animal releases and adoptions) – NO walk in visitors 
  • One person in the shelter at any time, escorted by staff 
  • No cash handling (eft only)

What does this mean for pet owners?

If Council need to take your pet to the Ballarat Animal Shelter, the access restrictions will make collecting your pet difficult


What can I do to prevent my pet being taken to the Ballarat Animal Shelter?

1.       Make sure your pet is microchipped and registered with Pyrenees Shire Council - This will help us to reunite your lost pet with you and avoid it being taken to the shelter.  

2.       Ensure that your pet is wearing its registration tag – Registration tags allow officers to quickly identify your pet and return it to you. 

3.       Check your fences - Take a walk around your pets yard to ensure that there are no little escape holes.   


What should I do if my pet gets out of its yard?

Please contact Council’s officers on 1300 797 363 to advise them that your pet has gone missing. This proactive advice allows officers to keep an eye out for your pet and to return it to you without delay.