Community Funding Program

We are committed to supporting local community groups, organisations, and businesses to deliver projects and activities that help make Pyrenees an inclusive, happy, and healthy place to live and visit.

We offer monthly grants and subsidies, and annual project and capital grants through the Community Funding Program.

Applications must be for events, projects, equipment, minor capital works, and one-off programs/activities.

The 2023/24 Program has now closed to Annual Grant and Sponsorship Applications.

The 2024/25 Program is scheduled to open for applications in December 2024, more information will be provided in the months leading up to the program opening.

Responsive grants are available for projects that are time sensitive or take advantage new opportunities before our next Annual Grants program opens. More information can be found on our Responsive Grants page. Other funding opportunities can also be found on our Other Grants Page.

It is mandatory to discuss your application with a Council Officer before submitting. Initial enquiries can be made through Council's Community Wellbeing and Grant Coordinator.

It is important that you talk through your project ideas with an officer before applying. Officers give advice on how to shape your application to give it every chance of success.

All support officers can be contacted via 1300 797 363; please call and reference the type of project you wish to discuss. You can reference more detail on support staff on our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Our Online Application Portal must be used to complete your applications. The portal provides information to help you complete an application. You can access a help guide(PDF, 2MB) to support your first-time use of the portal.

Council staff are available to support your use of the system, please contact us on 1300 797 363 to make an appointment or attend one of our applicant drop-in sessions as detailed in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Please review program information on the various pages nominated below or start to register your group and make an application.