After an emergency

After and emergency, RECOVERY is coordinated by Council and involves the reconstruction of the physical infrastructure and the restoration of emotional and economic well-being to the community.
The recovery process includes the delivery of short term needs like clean-up and provision of material aid AS WELL AS longer term needs like community/economic development and environmental rehabilitation.

Pyrenees Shire Council is responsible for coordinating the recovery process at the municipal level.

This involves:

  • Emergency Recovery Planning: Developing and maintaining an Emergency Relief and Recovery Operations Plan.
  • Recovery Centres: Opening and supporting Recovery Centres when required.
  • Emergency Communications: An appointed Emergency Communications Coordinator will manage the dissemination of information relevant to the recovery operation.
  • Loss and Damage Assessment: Municipal teams will assess the impact of an emergency on council assets as well as private property positioned in the urban, rural living and industrial zones by completing Municipal Secondary Impact Assessments.
  • Emergency Recovery Committee: Establish and auspice this committee until recovery service coordination is no longer required.