Community Action Plans

A Community Action Plan is a list of objectives and issues that a community puts together to create a catalogue of needs for their community.

The plan lists issues and has timelines set against them.

16 Communities in the Pyrenees Shire have already established Community Action Plans.

A Community Action Plan is an important community document which helps a community prioritise community needs, set out a list of activities for a community and helps Local and State government understand what the needs are for communities.

Local government refers to all community plans when making future plans that effect the shire and the communities within the Pyrenees Shire. Therefore the plans form an important part of the process, including the community grants.


Community Action Plans

Amphitheatre(PDF, 2MB)

Avoca(PDF, 1MB)

Barkly & Frenchmans(PDF, 570KB)

Brewster(PDF, 1MB)

Beaufort(PDF, 2MB)

Carranballac(PDF, 874KB)

Crowlands(PDF, 1MB)

Evansford(PDF, 1MB)

Landsborough(PDF, 1MB)

(PDF, 920KB)Lexton(PDF, 191KB)

Moonambel(PDF, 285KB)

Natte Yallock(PDF, 1MB)

(PDF, 2MB)Raglan(PDF, 1MB)

Redbank(PDF, 985KB)

Snake Valley(PDF, 8MB)

(PDF, 160KB)Waubra(PDF, 1MB)