Maintain Existing Septic System


Property owners are responsible for managing their septic tank systems.  Depending on what type of system you have there are differing maintenance requirements.  We have some Information Sheets available for the most common types of systems linked in this section

Properly maintaining your system will help to extend the life of the system and prevent it from premature failure resulting in a public health risk to the occupants and surrounding environment.



If you have a septic tank system it is important to get you tank desludged every 3-5 years or as required.  Not getting your tank regularly desludged may cause the system to fail and it can be very costly to repair.  A list of current Desludge Service Providers can be found here


Treatment Plant Servicing

All treatment plants must be serviced by a qualified person every 3 months in accordance with the Certificate of Approval of the system and a copy of the service report should be sent to Council.  A list of current Desludge Service Providers can be found here


Let Us Know when your system is Serviced or Desludged

Send us a copy of your report or invoice whenever you have your system Serviced or Desludged.  We will update the details of your system on our database.
You can now submit your report online.


Modifying or Altering your System

The system must not be altered or modified, except with the approval of the Council. An Application to Alter must be obtained from Council before making any alterations to the system.  You also should not build anything over the top of any part of your Septic Tank system including the Absorption Drains.

Apply for a Permit to Alter(PDF, 774KB)