Fire Prevention & Mitigation

Each year the Country Fire Authority declares a Fire Danger Period in the Pyrenees Shire. The exact dates depend on recent weather conditions and the forecasted season ahead.

Preparing your property

Property owners are responsible for reducing the risk of fire on their properties. This can be done by:

  • Cutting and maintaining grass to under 100mm during the Fire Danger Period
  • Removing leaf litter, grass clippings and fallen branches from around the home
  • Cleaning out gutters of leaf and tree litter
  • Remove old car bodies and other fire hazards from your property
  • Moving wood piles and other flammable items away from your home
  • Assessing your water supply and storage in terms of quantity and availability for fire fighting.

It is also important for you to have a fire plan for you and your family. For further information about preparing for fire, head to


Fire Hazard Removal Contractors

The Contractors listed below have indicated to Council that they are capable of carrying out the required fire hazard removal works within the Pyrenees Shire.

Inclusion on this list does not mean that a contractor is recommended by Council or that the quality of work is guaranteed.

You may elect to:

  • Do the required work yourself;
  • Engage a contractor of your choice; or
  • Select one of the contractors named below:
    • Ross – phone: 0407 847 497
    • Greg – phone: 0427 321 246
    • Mark – phone: 0475 068 568
    • Duane – phone: 0439 995 701
    • Bob – phone: 0419 323 621
    • Warwick – phone: 0408 508 303
    • Leigh - phone: 0408 538 733
    • Ash - phone: 0419 101 963



Click on the following link to view Council's Municipal Fire Management Plan: Pyrenees Shire Municipal Fire Management Plan 2018-2021(PDF, 3MB)