Lost, found and wandering pets

Stray and wandering dogs

Your dog must be kept secure on your property; it is an offence to allow dogs to wander. On the spot fines may be issued to people who allow their dogs to wander. Wandering pets are at risk of being killed/injured on roads and generally they create a nuisance; they may attack or menace people and animals. Dogs which stray on to farm land are at risk of being destroyed, whether or not they are attacking stock.

Stray, semi-owned and feral cats

During the warmer months especially, non-desexed cats will be marauding, fighting and breeding. Animal shelters are full of stray or abandoned cats and kittens. Very few of these animals are ever reclaimed or rehoused. Cats which are allowed to roam at night may attack wildlife and are also at risk of being injured in fights with other animals or they may be killed or injured on the road.

Do not ignore stray, semi-owned or feral cats. Please contact council officers for assistance before stray, semi-owned or feral cats in your area breed to become an even bigger problem.

Lost and found pets

If your dog or cat is missing please contact council officers on 1300 PYRENEES (1300 797 363) and give a description of your pet as soon as possible. Sometimes we can match up lost animals before we need to impound a pet.

Once a pet has been impounded, they can be costly to recover. They must be microchipped and registered (if they are not already) and impound fees must be paid before they are released back to your care. Impounded animals are kept for eight days, after the eigth day, they are assessed by a veterinarian and depending on their adoption suitability, they are either sold or euthanised.

We don't have a dedicated pound in Pyrenees Shire, so animals that need impounding will be taken to the Ballarat Animal Shelter.

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