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Fees for most planning permit applications are uniform across Victoria and set under the Planning and Environment Act


*NEW* Online Planning Permit Portal

Council has recently transitioned to an Online Planning Permit Portal called Greenlight. To apply for any of the below applications, you will need to submit through the portal on the above link. If you are unable to access the portal or have any issues, please contact the Planning Department on (03) 5349 1100 for further information. 

Apply for a Planning Permit

Apply to Amend a Planning Permit

Apply for Amendment by Secondary Consent

Submit an Objection to a Planning Application

Apply for Information on Planning Controls

Apply for an Extension of Time


Home Occupation(PDF, 94KB)
Farm Management Information Sheet(PDF, 42KB)
Planning Applications in Rural Areas - DPI Checklists(PDF, 283KB)
Planning Applications in Rural Areas - DPI Guidelines(PDF, 728KB)
Pre-application meeting form(PDF, 99KB)
General Urban Design Guide to Development in Pyrenees Townships(PDF, 714KB)
Planning Permit Application Requirements Checklist(PDF, 212KB)

Information Sheets

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation(PDF, 33KB)
Home Occupation(PDF, 65KB)
Dependent Persons Units(PDF, 212KB)
Section 173 Agreements(PDF, 122KB)