Pyrenees Futures

Welcome to Pyrenees Futures!  This project re-imagines small town planning, using the strengths and individual character of our major towns as a platform to guide how they grow and develop into the future.

Pyrenees Futures uses a place-based approach.  This means making the whole town the centre of what we do involving Council, working with community, landscape and local stories to foster the attributes that make our towns tick. The project includes reform to planning policies that guide how land is used in our townships, and also short-term and low-cost urban design improvements focused on making our town centres even more people-friendly.

Council is running Pyrenees Futures across nine townships.  For more information and latest updates click on your township below.

What will these framework plans do?

The final Township Framework Plans will lead to:

  • New township planning policies that will guide decisions on land rezoning, provide guidance to development applicants and inform Council’s assessment of planning applications.
  • Urban design guidelines that will focus on improving the look and function of town centres to make them even better places for people.

If you’re interested in getting involved in your town, email or contact Council’s Town Planning staff via 1300 PYRENEES (1300 797 363).