Request an Inspection - Food, Health or Accommodation

If you are looking at selling or purchasing a registered Food, Health or Accommodation Premises you can request an Inspection of the premises prior to purchasing.  A requested inspection provides a current status report of the premise and will identify any compliance issues prior to the business changing hands.  


Request Inspection Form

Complete the below form and submit with your payment. 

Food, Health or Accommodation Premises - Request an inspection form(PDF, 412KB)


Consent to Release Information Form

If you are a prospective purchaser requesting an inspection you will also need the current business owner to complete and submit a Consent to Release Information.  

Food, Health or Accommodation Premises-Consent to release info form(PDF, 146KB)


Transfer Registration

Once you have purchased a premises you will need to apply to Transfer the registration with us.  

Transfer Food Business

Transfer Accommodation Business

Transfer a Hair, Beauty, Piercing & Tattoo Business