Transition of in-home aged care services in the Pyrenees Shire

Published on 12 May 2023

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The following is a statement from Pyrenees Shire Council CEO Jim Nolan:

In December 2022, Pyrenees Shire Council resolved to give notice of its intent to cease to be a provider of in-home care and community-based services from 1 July 2023.

The services have been provided by Council for over 45 years, supported by funding from and in accordance with a standards framework set by the Commonwealth, which has overall responsibility for Aged Care.

However, the changes proposed by the government made it unsustainable for Pyrenees Shire Council to continue as a provider.

Council notified the Commonwealth of its intention with six months’ notice to enable the government to identify alternative providers and facilitate a smooth transition of the services. In mid-March, the Commonwealth nominated a number of providers to service Pyrenees Shire residents.

Council currently has approximately 270 clients that it services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program. In early April, we wrote to clients to provide information to assist them in nominating their provider of choice once Pyrenees ceases to provide the service.

The majority of clients have nominated their preferred provider, and these providers are preparing to deliver the services from 1 July 2023. The transition plan also requires client consent for relevant information to be shared with the new provider.

Council urges any clients who have not yet nominated their preferred provider, or provided the necessary consent, to do so as soon as possible to ensure the provider is in a position to deliver the services when Pyrenees ceases.

The new providers will be in contact with clients to advise them about the services, and Council is working closely with the new providers to assist in the transition.

Importantly, the Council staff who have been instrumental in delivering these important services are highly sought after by the new providers, and we are assisting the new providers in this recruitment process.

Council also provides services to approximately 18 clients under the State funded HACC-PYP program (for clients aged 65 years or younger), and Council notified the Victorian Government in December 2022 of its intent to cease these services also.

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing is working with providers of these services to transition clients across to these new providers ahead of 1 July 2023.

Council has concerns that this process has not been progressed in a timely way by the State and we are working with the Department in order to provide timely advice to our clients. Council encourages these clients to maintain contact with Council if they have any queries or concerns so that we can provide the most up-to-date information.

Council is committed to do everything we can to ensure both Commonwealth and State governments take responsibility for these services and ensure our residents continue to receive the services they deserve.

Jim Nolan, CEO

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