Community Resilience Grant

The Community Resilience Grants Program provides funding of up to $2,000 (plus GST if applicable) to eligible not for profit community organisations, groups, social enterprises, creative organisations and groups for programs/projects to assist and empower communities to recover and build resilience to potential future flood impacts on our community.

Applications for this grant have now closed, successful project will be awarded by council on 21/5/2024.

The program will fund events, programs and some equipment. No funding is available for capital works initiatives. All activities funded through the program, including expenditure, must occur by 30 March 2025.

The program is open to community groups, not-for-profit, and some other organisations working within the Pyrenees Shire.

Funded projects will be those that strengthen community resilience and build a sense of belonging and community pride.

Types of projects that may be funded include: 

  • New community programs - New community programs that bring individuals and groups together enabling social healing through connecting neighbours and towns (ie, sporting club come-and-try days, social groups).
  • Community strengthening events - Events that seek funds to offset associated costs, particularly events focussed on empowering vulnerable / disengaged populations (ie. young people, ageing people, first nations people);
  • Capacity building initiatives - Community-led recovery initiatives (ie. training in mental first aid, education programs on preparing for natural disaster events, mental wellbeing forums).
  • Project care - Restoring natural environments following flood events.
  • Engagement activities - Community information, seminars, and / or forums that support local emotional, psychological, and social well-being (ie. support groups, health issue awareness raising);
  • Support network and local group resilience - New group / network development, volunteer recruitment initiatives, governance training, succession planning and volunteer support programs.
  • Targeting vulnerable groups - Programs that better connect, educate and support disengaged community members and / or more vulnerable populations ie. older adults, transport disadvantaged residents, young people.
  • Equipment - Equip community groups with response and recovery equipment and materials such as first aid kits to help with disaster preparation (on a case by case basis).

Please read the Program Guidelines(PDF, 518KB) that give more information about writing an application.

For applications through our events sponsorship stream, please refer to the Events Sponsorship Guidelines(PDF, 602KB).

It is recommended that you discuss your application with a council officer prior to submission. Drop-in information session will be held throughout the grants open period, find these dates on our Frequently asked questions page. 

Council’s Community Development and Flood Recovery Teams also offers online support sessions by appointment. To make a reservation please contact email suggesting preferred time and nature of enquiry.