Shop Façade Grant

The Shop Façade grant helps Pyrenees businesses make improvements that will:

  • improve the look and attractiveness of local streetscapes,
  • encourage new investment in our town shopping centres,
  • support local business development, and
  • increase resident and visitor engagement in our shopping districts.

The program is open to any business located in a commercial township area of the Shire that has street frontage.

Home-based, or businesses with no street frontage are not eligible.

Council will competitively allocate funding on a matched funding basis up to $4,000.

Types of projects that may be funded include: 

  • Repainting of a building façade and or windows.
  • Renewal of under-awning lighting or streetscape lighting.
  • Installation of store lighting visible from the street.
  • Renewal or replacements of an awning structure.
  • Reinstatement of lost elements, or fabric to the façade of a building.
  • Cleaning an existing façade and removal of unwanted material (e.g. cladding, signage, air conditioning units).
  • Installation/upgrade of business signage.
  • Implementing universal access in front of building (e.g. a ramp).

Businesses are encouraged to work together and submit joint applications, supporting a coordinated precinct approach. This can enable shared outcomes and an improved sense of place and destination.

Proposed works may need a planning permit or to comply with relevant building design and heritage guidelines. To help us support your application, at the earliest stage of your consideration, you can forward a photo of your façade, with a brief description of works to This will allow us to provide initial information and guidance on any permit needs.

Please read the Program Guidelines(PDF, 593KB) that give more information about writing an application.

Applications can be completed online. Contact us on 1300 797 363 if you need a hard copy form.