Emergency Water Sources

Water map.png

Pyrenees Shire has a network of emergency water supply bores which provide water for emergency stock and domestic purposes during drought and bushfires. Many of the sites are equipped for fire fighting vehicles.

Permits are available from the Shire so that we are able to monitor how much water is being used and to make sure there is a sustainable supply. Download the Emergency Water Supply Permit application(PDF, 422KB) and return the completed form with payment to the Beaufort Council Office or Avoca Community Resource Centre.

This water is not drinking quality. If you need potable water there, are a number of licensed domestic water carters in the area who can be found under 'water cartage' in the Yellow Pages or online.

Download maps of emergency water sources in the Shire(PDF, 2MB)

An interactive map of bores and standpipes within the Pyrenees Shire available for fire and use following exceptional circumstances declarations is available on the Department of Energy, Water, and Climate Change's website.