Flood Studies

Pyrenees Shire has supported detailed flood investigations alongside the catchment management authorities for the following townships and river systems:

Beaufort, Raglan, Amphitheatre, Avoca, Natte Yallock, Crowlands, Landsborough, Trawalla, Upper Avoca River (within Pyrenees Shire), Wimmera River (within Pyrenees Shire) and Mt Emu Creek.

Preliminary flood studies have been undertaken for Lexton and Waubra.

The objectives of these flood investigations are to:

  • Identify any information gaps and arrange for survey or other data gathering to fill the identified gaps.
  • Increase understanding of the nature of flooding within affected towns and rural areas, both among the community and emergency response agencies
  • Reduce community flood-related risk and therefore reduce flood-related damages and reduce threats to life and property
  • Identify community preferred options for structural flood mitigation and undertake subsequent feasibility study and cost benefit analysis of options
  • Increase confidence that decisions and advice regarding flooding and future development in affected towns and rural areas are appropriate and equitable in terms of long-term community wellbeing.

Council is currently undertaking a project to reflect the completed flood studies in the Pyrenees Planning Scheme. This will help prospective developers when considering land purchases and development to better understand flood impacts.