Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

Domestic Wastewater Management Plan


A Domestic Wastewater Management Plan is a requirement under the provisions of the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria), and enables Council to effectively manage the risks associated with domestic waste water across the Shire.

The Pyrenees Shire’s Domestic Wastewater Management Plan 2015-18 (DWMP) was adopted by Council in July 2015.

The DWMP covers the assessment of new installations and alterations across the entire Shire.  It also sets out a requirement to make sure existing systems do not pose a threat to the environment, particularly in areas that are part of Declared Potable Water Catchments. 

The current DWMP sets out Inspection requirements based on Risk Level to all properties with existing systems within the Declared Potable Water Catchment areas of Loddon River/Laanecoorie, McCallum Creek, Wimmera Systems, Malakoff Creek/Wimmera Systems and St Enochs Spring Skipton.  These areas include in and/or around the townships of Evansford, Lexton, Waubra and Landsborough amongst others.  The Raglan Borefields and Trawalla Creek Catchment are also covered under the Shire's DWMP.

The DWMP also specifies a requirement for Inspections to assess the health of existing systems within five of the unsewered townships in the Shire - Amphitheatre, Landsborough, Moonambel, Raglan and Redbank. 

A copy of the DWMP can be downloaded here:

    Pyrenees Shire Domestic Wastewater Management Plan 2015-18(PDF, 3MB)