Waste & Recycling is Changing in the Pyrenees

Published on 17 May 2021


From the start of July 2021, Council is planning to extend an improved waste and recycling collection service to all properties in the Pyrenees Shire.

Council committed to a compulsory Shire-wide waste and recycling service in February 2021 due to changes brought in by the Victorian State Government.

Households in towns that already have street collection services will receive an additional 120-litre purple-topped glass-recycling bin.

Households that currently use Transfer Stations for their waste will receive three bins: a 240-litre red-topped bin for landfill, a 240-litre yellow-topped recycling bin and a 120-litre purple-topped glass bin.

Recycling and landfill bins will be collected once a fortnight, but not at the same time. For example, your landfill bin may go out on weeks one and three, and your recycling bin on weeks two and four. The glass bin will be collected once every four weeks. In Avoca and Beaufort landfill bins will continue to be collected once a week and green bins every four weeks.

The bins remain the property of Council, so if any of your bins are damaged please contact Council and we will organise for their repair or replacement.

The provision of waste and recycling services are a full cost recovery service. To ensure Council achieves the best value for the community, Council is seeking tenders for the range of services required. The updated service charge will be levied from 1 July 2021, and Council estimates that this will be in the region of $550. Once Council reviews tenders for the services, the new charge will be formally adopted in the 2021-22 budget.

We will provide further information to residents, including the collection schedule for your bins and the actual cost of the service, once Council’s new waste contract has been finalised.

Collection schedules may change based on feedback, for example if glass bins need to be collected more than once a month.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact the Pyrenees Shire Council on 1300 797 363. Further information about our waste services can be found here.



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