Community Groups and Fundraisers

Community Groups and Fundraising

If you are a Community Group doing fundraising by selling food to the public you still have certain obligations are under the Food Act. 

Depending on what you are selling and whether you are operating from a fixed premises or from a temporary or mobile location you need to either register or notify with your local Council directly or via FoodTrader. 

Please click on the link below to view a short video developed by the Victoria Department of Health to help community groups understand and meet their food safety obligations. 


 Registration Fees

 Food Premises Classification
 Initial Registration Fee  Annual Renewal Fee

 Community Groups - Fixed Premises 
 Class 2 or Class 3

 $211.50  $141.00
 Community Groups - Mobile Class 2 or Class 3  $211.50  $141.00
 Community Groups - Temporary Class 2 or Class 3  $108.00  $72.00
 Extra Registration for a Community Group with an existing  food registration  $81.00  $54.00
 Community Groups - Class 4  $0.00  $0.00



Do Food Safely

Do Food Safely is a free online learning resource for people working with food. This online learning resource provides information about safe food handling. Participants can test their knowledge by completing the assessment at the end of the online course.

Community groups should encourage all their volunteers who participate in food handling at events to visit the Do Food Safely website to better understand the requirements and need for safe food handling. 


Community Group Food Safety Programs