Renew Food Business


Existing registered Food Businesses require renewal each year.   

Food Premises Renewal Fees - 2023/24

Food Premises Renewal
 Class 1  $418.00
 Class 2 - Supermarkets  $451.00
 Class 2 - Other  $361.00
 Class 3  $263.00
 Class 4  $0.00
 Community Groups  $136.00


An Application to Renew is sent out to each registered business in October or November.  Renewals are due on 31st December.


FoodTrader Temporary and Mobile Food Registration Renewals - 2023/24

If you also have a registration on the Victoria-wide FoodTrader portal, renewals are also due on 31st December each year. 

 FoodTrader Premises Renewal
 Class 2 Mobile  $451.00
 Class 2 Temporary Premises  $181.00
 Class 3 Mobile  $263.00
 Class 3 Temporary Premises  $133.00
 Class 4 Notification  $0.00
 Community Group - Class 2 or 3 Mobile  $136.00
 Community Group - Class 2 or 3 Temporary Premises  $69.00


Dual Food Registrations - 2023/24

If you have a Fixed Food Premises registration as well as a FoodTrader Mobile or Temporary registration a discounted fee is now offered on your second and any additional registrations.

Food Premises Renewal
Extra Registration for Business with Dual Food
Registration (Fixed Premises + Mobile or
Extra Registration for Community Group with Dual
Food Registration (Fixed Premises + Mobile or