Do I need a Planning Permit?

Planning and building permits are different.

A planning permit is a legal document that gives permission for the use, development, or subdivision of land. The Pyrenees Planning Scheme sets out if a proposed use, development, or subdivision will need a planning permit.

Different planning provisions such as zones and overlays affect different sites. These will determine whether the use, development or subdivision does not need a planning permit, needs a planning permit, or is prohibited.

An explanation of the planning provisions, including zones and overlays, can be found in the Pyrenees Planning Scheme.


When do I need a planning permit?

You may need a planning permit to use, develop and/or subdivide your land.

The Planning Scheme sets out if a planning permit is needed for certain uses, development or subdivision. Sometimes, particular uses, development and subdivisions are prohibited.

Different zones and overlays will determine whether your proposed use, development or subdivision needs a planning permit.

Some examples of what a planning permit may be needed for include:

  • removal of native vegetation
  • building a house
  • running a business from home
  • displaying signage
  • liquor licenses
  • subdividing land
  • extensions to your house (including awnings and verandahs)
  • changing the use of land e.g. from a retail shop to a restaurant.


How can I find out if I need a planning permit?

You can find the zoning and overlays that affect your property on VicPlan. Enter in your address or scroll and find your property and create a Planning Property Report. This report lists the zone, any overlays, and other information that affect the property.

It is always best to check with Council to understand any planning provisions that affect a site or for further clarification.

You can contact the Planning Department on (03) 5349 1100 to speak with a planning officer, request a callback through our Planning Enquiry Form or send them an email (don’t forget to attention your email to Planning). Alternatively, you can book an appointment to discuss the use, development and subdivision with a planning officer.

PLEASE NOTE: The planning department cannot give written advice about planning permits over email. You can apply for a written answer by completing an Application for a Planning Controls Certificate online or contact the Planning Department on 1300 797 363.