Bridge 32 Replacement, Carngham-Streatham Rd

  • Project typeBridge
  • Project value$800,000
  • Project scheduleCurrently at tender
Bridge 32 Carngham-Streatham.jpg

The replacement of Bridge 32 on Carngham-Streatham Rd (just west of Trawalla W Rd near Mt Emu) is part of Council’s annual bridge replacement program.

The current bridge is 65 years old and is not designed for modern heavy vehicles, such as B-doubles. Replacing this bridge will make it SM1600-compliant (suitable for two multi-trailer trucks travelling in convoy), it will also make the bridge much more flood-resistant.

Bridge 32 is located on one of the major link roads of Pyrenees Shire and access to the bridge is vital for local residents, farmers and wind farms.

The cost of replacing the bridge is $800,000, with the cost being equally shared by Council and the Federal Government’s Renewal Program Round Five.

At present, this project is scheduled to begin in June 2022. We will provide more information before work begins as this project will necessitate closing the bridge while construction takes place.



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