Transfer Stations

Transfer stations are located in Avoca, Beaufort and Snake Valley.  Limited transfer station facilities are provided at Landsborough and rubbish disposal skips are located at Carranballac and Crowlands. It is important to remember that Council no longer has any of its own operating landfills with all waste now being transported outside the municipality to other landfills.

Locations and opening times

Day Beaufort (Racecourse Rd) Avoca
(Russell Street)
Snake Valley (298 Snake Valley-Mortchup Rd) Landsborough
(2161 Ararat-St Arnaud Rd)

Tuesday 10am - 3pm 10am - 3pm


Thursday 10am - 3pm 10am - 3pm 10am - 4pm 10am-3pm

Saturday 10am - 3pm 10am - 3pm
Sunday 10am - 3pm 10am - 3pm 10am - 4pm


All of the above sites are closed on Christmas Day, New Year's Day and on days of Total Fire Ban and a day rated as a Code Red.

All transfer stations can receive domestic waste, green waste, steel, and kerbside recyclables including paper and cardboard. Used car oil can be received at both Avoca and Beaufort facilities. Mattresses, car and truck tyres will have a separate charge to the general rate. Landsborough Transfer Station will not accept mattresses, batteries, tyres, construction materials, gas bottles or refrigerators.

Domestic Waste

Domestic waste is defined as general household waste and should be bagged or wrapped securely. Approved recyclables, including green waste, should be segregated in loads to achieve reduced fees. Placement of waste materials will be as directed by the Attendant. Gate fees are applicable to incoming materials at time of entry. Tip pass vouchers are applicable to those that present them to the Attendant. Fees

Green Waste

A specific area is provided at each of the transfer station facilities for residents to drop off green waste such as tree branches, prunings, grass and leaf litter. The waste is converted into chipped mulch. Fees


If it’s got a plug, battery or cord and is unwanted, it’s e-waste. It could be any of a whole range of items from work, home or even the garden shed. From old phones, computers and household appliances to power tools and toys. E-waste can be taken to transfer stations at Beaufort, Avoca and Snake Valley. Collection points for small e-waste items such as batteries, mobile phones and chargers will be at the Avoca and Beaufort Information Centres.

Please note E-Waste requires cash payment - Tip vouchers are not able to be used for E-Waste disposal.  Fees

Hard Waste

Hard waste such as furniture, bicycles and mowers can be taken to transfer stations. General hard waste is charged at normal domestic waste rates once tipping pass entitlements are used up.

Pyrenees Shire Council offers a kerbside hard rubbish collection in Beaufort and Avoca once every three years. The last collection was in October 2018. Fees

Drum Muster

Council is part of the national Drum Muster program and collects empty chemical drums for recycling at the Avoca and Beaufort transfer stations. This service is useful to chemical users to reduce the impact on landfill by recycling these products. The containers, either plastic or steel, must be triple rinsed to the satisfaction of the Drum Muster Inspector at the transfer stations. Further information about disposing of unwanted chemicals can be found here.

Vouchers/Tip Passes

Domestic/Recycle and Green Waste Vouchers have been accepted and used across the Shire for several years now.

  • Twenty-four (24) domestic/recycle waste vouchers are issued to residents in rural areas with improved properties that do not have a kerbside collection service. Each tear-off voucher allows the equivalent of one 240 litre bin in volume.
  • Four (4) green and hard waste vouchers are issued to all residents in rural areas that have improved properties. Each voucher allows for disposal of 0.5 cubic metres of hard waste or one cubic metre of green waste.

Additional vouchers can be purchased:

Domestic/Recycle waste - 12 vouchers $74.00
Green waste - 4 vouchers $47.00



Item Fees
General Waste - Car/boot load
(½ m3 max)
General Waste - Utility or 6 x 4 trailer (1.0 m3 max) $32.00
General Waste - Small truck or tandem trailer (2.0 m3 max) $62.00
Approved green waste (separated) $16.00/m3
Approved recyclables From 1st October 2019 - $16.00/m3
Tyres Fees
Car $11.00
Truck $36.00
Tractor $72.00
Rims only No Charge
 E-waste Fees (cash only - no vouchers)
Irons, toasters, kettles (small appliances)
Computer equipment, printers, televisions and monitors No Charge 
DVD players and Microwaves
Fridges, washing machines & white goods
Other Fees
Single mattresses $25.00 each
Larger than single Mattress $30.00 each
Bed Base $15.00 each 
Oil (waste automotive oil domestic quantities only - maximum 20 litres) $5.00
Batteries, scrap steel and parts of car bodies (whole car bodies will not be accepted) No Charge
Additional Tip Vouchers Fees
Domestic/Recycle waste - 12 vouchers $74.00
Green waste - 4 vouchers $47.00


Please note E-Waste requires cash payment - Tip vouchers are not able to be used for E-Waste disposal.