Subdivision of property

Subdivision is the process that divides a property to create additional lots, consolidates lots into one, realigns title boundaries between sites, creates, removes or varies easements and creates or removes reserves, coventants and restrictions from a title.  Both land and buildings may be subject to the subdivision process depending on the planning controls applicable.

To apply to subdivide land an application must be lodged with Council.  Any person is able to make an application for a planning permit. However, in most cases it will be the Land Surveyor who will prepare and lodge the application with Council through the SPEAR (Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals) online lodgement system.

If you are considering a subdivision you should contact the Planning Department on (03) 5349 1100.  


Planning and Subdivision Fees

For fees for applications for Planning and Subdivision permits please contact the Planning Department on 5349 1100.