Pyrenees Shire Flood Investigations

Pyrenees Shire Council has undertaken a detailed flood investigation for Beaufort, and is currently undertaking detailed flood investigations for Mt Emu, Raglan and the Upper Avoca River catchment.

The objectives of these flood investigations are to:

  • Identify any information gaps and arrange for survey or other data gathering to fill the identified gaps.
  • Increase understanding of the nature of flooding within affected towns and rural areas, both among the community and emergency response agencies
  • Reduce community flood-related risk and therefore reduce flood-related damages and reduce threats to life and property
  • Identify community preferred options for structural flood mitigation and undertake subsequent feasibility study and cost benefit analysis of options
  • Increase confidence that decisions and advice regarding flooding and future development in affected towns and rural areas are appropriate and equitable in terms of long-term community wellbeing.

Raglan Flood Investigation

Download the Raglan Flood Investigation fact sheet here(PDF, 542KB).

Please complete the Raglan Flood Study Questionnaire.