How do I Apply for a Planning Permit?

Council’s Online Planning Portal Greenlight allows you to submit new planning permit applications, applications for secondary consents, amendments to permits, extension of time requests and Written Planning Advice (Information on Planning Controls).

Your application must be supported by all of the relevant documentation, see below for details of what needs to be included.

What do I need to apply for a planning permit?

It is important that all of the required information is submitted to avoid delays in the assessment of your application. Information on applying including checklists and fact sheets can be found here. General information about the Planning process is available at

A copy of Title and Title Plan 

  • Provide a fully copy of the current certificate of title (no more than 60 days old) for all lots subject to this application.
  • Include a full copy of any registered restrictive covenants, caveats or agreements that may apply to the land.
  • Include a copy of the Plan of Subdivision / Title Plan.

A copy of title, covenants and title plans can be purchased from either Victorian Land Registry Services (Level 10, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne; 03 8636 2010) or visit Landata Victoria and follow the prompts to “Titles & Property Certificates”. When selecting the documents to purchase, select Register Search Statement (Title) and/or Copy of Plan and/or any relevant agreements, covenants or caveats.

A copy of a site plan.

Plans must be fully dimensioned and drawn at a suitable scale (e.g. 1:100, 1:200 or 1:500) which includes, as relevant:

Site context

  • The boundaries and dimensions of the subject site.
  • Orientation of land.
  • Site shape, overall size (in either hectares or square metres) and any easements on the land. Note: Easements may be found on the Title Plan.
  • All adjoining roads.
  • All native vegetation including any to be removed, lopped or destroyed.
  • Waterways or water-bodies as shown on VicPlan (found here) including setbacks to the proposed buildings and works
  • Location and description of existing buildings on the subject site and adjoining properties 


  • Proposed Buildings and/or Works

  • All proposed buildings and works including setbacks:
    • to the two nearest title boundaries; and
    • to existing buildings on the site.
  • Details of existing and/or proposed vehicular access to the building envelope and/or works (including surface materials and dimensions of the accessway)
  • Existing and/or proposed effluent disposal areas and wastewater treatment systems
  • Water tanks (if any) including materials, colour and capacity (if greater than 5,000L)



  • Plan of Subdivision drawn to an appropriate scale.
  • Survey Plan showing existing conditions and site areas including:
    • Existing buildings and all associated infrastructure.


The Planning Permit Application Document Checklist can be found here on Council’s website


A copy of plans for proposed building/s and/or works.

Plans must be fully dimensioned, orientated and drawn at a suitable scale (e.g. 1:100) which includes, as relevant:

  • Elevations (plans showing the external appearance of the building including height, dimensions and external materials and colour schedule.
  • Floor plans with dimensions of the building including floor areas and room descriptions.

The Planning Permit Application Document Checklist can be found here on Council’s website.


The prescribed application fee.

To help Council calculate the application fee, you must provide an accurate cost estimate of the proposed development. This cost does not include the costs of development that you could undertake without a permit or that are separate from the permit process. Development costs should be calculated at a normal industry rate for the type of construction you propose.

Council may ask you to justify your cost estimates. Costs are required solely to allow Council to calculate the permit application fee. Fees are exempt from GST. Planning permit application fees are set down by Government regulations. You may view a summary of fees at in the Planning and Environment (Fees) Regulations 2016.

Once you have submitted your application to the satisfaction of Council, you will be contacted for payment in due course.

Note: The processing of an planning permit application will not commence until the application fee has been made.


Disclaimer: This checklist is standard across all planning permit applications. Additional information may be required by the assessing planning officer after registration.