Lodge an Objection

Council provides a minimum 14 days’ notice period for advertising with longer timeframes provided for some major applications.

If you consider that you may be detrimentally affected by a permit application you are entitled to lodge an objection with Council. 

Objections must be in writing and may be submitted online, mailed or submitted personally to the Beaufort Council office or the Avoca Visitor Information and Community Centre. All objections received up until an application has been decided are required to be considered by Council. 

You must supply your name and address on your objection for it to be valid and you must also state how you believe you are materially affected by the proposal.

You may still lodge an objection if you are not formally notified by mail and all objections will be made available for public inspection during the assessment process.

At the conclusion of the advertising period Council will notify you of the dates of any consultation meeting.

For more information please see our information sheet(PDF, 30KB).


Lodge Submission/Objection Online