Questions in Advance

The Questions in Advance form can be sent:

  1. electronically via the online form below.  The form is to be received by 12noon on the day of the Ordinary Council Meeting;  or
  2. via email using the writeable PDF form (click here(PDF, 927KB)).  You will need to download this form, save it to your computer, complete it and then click submit.  Again, this form is to be received by 12noon on the day of the Ordinary Council Meeting
  3. hand delivered to Council by 12noon on the day of the Ordinary Council Meeting. You can print out a copy of the form ((PDF, 161KB)click here(DOCX, 50KB)) to be hand delivered.  This version can also be emailed to

The Chair will read the question(s) out at the Council meeting during Public Participation.  Every endeavour will be made to answer the question(s) during the meeting.  The question(s) may be taken ‘On Notice’ if more time is required to provide an informed answer.  The response will be included in the next month’s Council meeting minutes.    

If you have any questions please call Customer Service on 1300 797 363.

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