Community Grants

Opening Wednesday 11 November and closing Friday 18 December

Council's Community Grants Program aims to recognise the importance of providing financial assistance to community groups, services and organisations located or operating within the Pyrenees Shire, to enable the provision of activities and events which promote community activity, achievement, participation and wellbeing.

 The Community Grants Program target group comprises of:

  • community groups, services and organisations located or operating within the Pyrenees Shire, for Shire residents;
  • community groups, services, organisations incorporated as a community organisation; and
  • non-profit community groups/organisations

Projects enhancing Reconciliation within the Pyrenees Shire

Additional funding is available for projects and activities seeking to promote and foster Reconciliation within our local communities. To be eligible organisations must be able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to Reconciliation. For more information please contact Council’s Community Wellbeing and Grants Officer 

Round Dates

Applications open twice a year; usually in March and again in September.

For more information please contact Council's Community Wellbeing and Grants Coordinator on 5349 1100 or email to discuss your project.

Applications can be emailed to 

Community and Community Events Grants

Guidelines-for-Community-Grant-Scheme.pdf(PDF, 202KB)

FINAL-Application-Form-Community-Grants.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

FINAL-Application-Form-Community-Grants-Events.pdf(PDF, 780KB)

Community Capital Grants

Guidelines-for-Community-Capital-Grant-Scheme.pdf(PDF, 201KB)

FINAL-Application-Form-Community-Capital-Grants.pdf(PDF, 796KB)


If your group does not meet the eligibility requirements you may be able to apply with an auspice. Please see guidelines for more information on this.

Please note that organisations who act as an auspice will not be disadvantaged by any funding allocation to the organisation to which they provide auspice support. Council reserves the right to allocate funding amounts.

Please ensure you contact Council's Community Wellbeing and Grants Coordinator on 5349 1100 or email to discuss your project.

Grant Acquittals

Council requires that you complete a final report for your project using the below form. This is required for both the Community Grant Scheme and the Community Capital Grant Scheme and is due within twelve months of receiving your grant.

Acquittal Form(PDF, 296KB)

Funding Applications

Community groups and sporting clubs often require a funding application to be submitted by Council to assist with facility developments and upgrades. Council is required to address certain information in a funding application and the checklist available below outlines the suggested planning process. It has been developed to ensure that potential funding applications are planned properly and have the best chance of being funded in what is a very competitive environment. If you are planning a facility development or upgrade, download the form and work through the checklist with your committee. Contact the appropriate council officer early in the planning stages as it is important that they are aware of your project to allow them to identify the most appropriate funding source and provide advice throughout the planning phase. If you require further information or assistance please contact our Manager Community Wellbeing on (03) 5349 1100.

Club Project Checklist(PDF, 261KB)