Apply for a Local Laws permit

Certain activities require a permit within the Shire.

Please Download, fill out and submit the applicable permit form below.

Local Law No.2 - Environment

Camping/Temporary Accommodation

Download Permit Application(PDF, 438KB)

Temporary Dwellings

Download Permit Application(PDF, 547KB)

Excess Animals
Noise from Business or Industrial Premises
Noise in a Public Place
Recreation Vehicle on Private Land
Recreation Vehicles on Public Land
Shipping Containers
Storage of Machinery or Secondhand Goods

Download Permit Application(PDF, 425KB)

Local Law No.3 - Streets & Roads

Advertising Sign

Bulk Rubbish Container
Develop Road Reserve
Discharge Water
Horses on Road Reservations & Footpaths
Itinerant Trading
Letter Box on Road Reservations
Locating Goods for Sale
Outdoor Eating Facilities
Roadside Trading
Street Party

Download Permit Application(PDF, 424KB)

Parking Heavy Vehicle in Residential Zone

 Download Permit Application(PDF, 425KB)

Local Law No.4 - Use of Agricultural Scareguns

The objectives of this local law are:

  • balance effective farmland usage and residential compatibility in a social environment free from hazards to health in which the residents of the municipal district can enjoy a quality of life that meets the general expectations of the community;
  • protect and promote amenity within the municipal district;
  • provide regulation for the use of scareguns within the municipal district in a manner that prevents their use being detrimental to the environment or to the quality of life of persons residing in the municipal district;
  • provide a fair balance between the need of local producers to protect their crops with the responsible use of scareguns, and protecting the rights of residents from exposure to excessive noise.

 Download Local Law No. 4(PDF, 133KB)