Bushfire Management Overlay changes - October 2017

On 3 October 2017, the Victorian Government introduced changes to bushfire management planning provisions in the Pyrenees Planning Scheme.

The changes include new mapping for the Bushfire Management Overlay, and changes to some planning permit requirements on properties covered by the overlay.

The changes may affect you if you are seeking to build a structure on a property affected by the Bushfire Management Overlay (including a house, accommodation building, outbuilding or industrial building).

The changes will not affect existing structures.

The mapping changes for the Bushfire Management Overlay reflect the new method being used by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning across Victoria. 

More information on the mapping method, planning permit requirements and the changes is available here(PDF, 324KB) (PDF file) or on the Victorian Government's dedicated Bushfire Management Overlay webpage.


How many properties do the changes affect?

The mapping method changes affect 1,047 properties (or 17% of total properties) in the Pyrenees Shire; including 601 properties that are newly covered by the overlay, and 446 that have had the overlay removed.

The BMO now applies to 1,702 properties or 27.2% of properties across the shire.


How will I know if I am affected?

Council is working with DELWP to arrange a direct mail-out to the owners of properties that are either newly covered by the overlay, or are having the overlay removed.  


What if my property is not covered by the Bushfire Management Overlay?

Whether or not your property is covered by the Bushfire Management Overlay, make sure you and your family have your bushfire survival plans ready.  Visit www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare/fire-ready-kit to find out more.